Thursday, March 23, 2017

What to Do When Your Puppy Comes Home for the First Time

Getting a puppy is a huge responsibility and you should understand well what you are committing to when you bring a puppy home because it involves a lot of giving on your part. At the same time, that puppy will grow to be a part of your family and the feeling becomes intense over time since everything you do at home and with the family will now include another member – your precious pup! Remember that the puppy is not a play tool – it is also a part of the family and needs to be treated well.

It will take a few days for the puppy to settle in so be sure to give yourself a few days to give the puppy undivided attention. The puppy will be new to the surroundings so it’s best to get your puppy home in the mornings so that will give it a whole day to understand its new home, new family and the kind of surroundings it would have to get used to. Make sure you already have a spot planned up for the new puppy before you bring it home so it will have time to settle in and understand its new surroundings before the night hits and when it needs to rest.

Give your puppy the attention it needs the first few days it discovers life with you and your family
The first few days would be the most confusing for the puppy because it is not aware of the surroundings and so, all this should be handled with care. You must understand the puppy has feelings as well. Suddenly, it is exposed to a new environment and you can expect a lot of confusion to arise because of it. There are new sights and smells the puppy will need getting used to and it might take a few days for it to adjust to its new surroundings especially when you might have purchased a puppy that was spending time all the while with its mother and siblings. Hence, puppies will take a while to adjust to its new environment. Initially, you might be dealing with a puppy that is restless. Some might even whimper because of insecurities. It takes a bit on your part to understand the way they feel.
Dogs ar4e one of the earliest domesticated animals known to mankind
Give your puppy a chance to learn by helping it to relate to you. Teach the pup that it has a new name to respond to and be tolerant of the puppy because it needs to adjust to its new environment. You will find that your puppy needs to sleep often. Just as much as it may play vigorously, your puppy may need to retire to bed to recoup its energy. And if you are bringing your new pup home to one that already has other pets, be sure to feed them separately until they get used to each other and become friends. Give all your pets their attention or rivalry may begin due to jealousy resulting from the new addition.

When you take the step to introduce a new puppy to the home, you just decided that you were going to give up a little at your end to accommodate the new addition. So, that means being kind and gentle with your puppy as it begins to learn its new home and the new way of life expected of it. Treat your puppy well and use your voice so it understands your commands. Don’t scold or speak harshly to your puppy and more so, when it makes a mess during the initial days as they will remember you well in a way you would not like. The least you need is a puppy that is always frightened of you! The initial period of getting your puppy into the house should be a learning period for both you and the pup to know each other. There should be a bonding that should form in the relationship so the puppy realizes it can trust you and that you are there to attend to it for a long, long time.

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