Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Check List To Consider When You are Taking a Puppy Home

So, you have just decided to purchase your puppy and you are ecstatic! There’s no reason not to be. Owning a puppy can be so fun. Suddenly, you have this gorgeous little dog to share your home but really, owning a puppy involves a huge responsibility and it goes with any breed regardless of whether you chose to buy a bulldog, a fierce breed like the Doberman or a German Shepherd. Remember that while you find it an exciting event for you and your family, the puppy may feel a little confused and may experience some insecurity and it is important to do everything to keep the pup safe and sound.

As the puppy learns its surroundings and lives with you, you need to do everything possible to keep the puppy safe and sound. That means ensuring that your puppy does not reach for anything that might be dangerous to it. Because puppies are in the chewing stage, they tend to tug or chew at anything they find including electrical cords! So, be vigilant and keep your puppy safe by removing all dangerous items within its reach.

As you take your puppy outdoors, make sure your fence is also secure and does not have any holes to let it out. Puppies are always exploring for new things and might let themselves out. Keep all items away from the puppy including ponds which should be covered.

An Angel Puppy Dog
Here’s a step-by-step guide on what it takes to bring your puppy home and care for it.

  1. Provide the puppy with its sleeping arrangements
Your puppy needs a place to sleep. Find a spot that is relatively quiet so the puppy can sleep without being disturbed. An ideal place can be the kitchen or family room. You can use a crate to hold the puppy. Get one that is large enough to hold your puppy as it grows. Place a comfortable blanket in the crate to keep the puppy comfortable so it can snuggle into the blanket as it sleeps.

  1. Get the puppy his own food and water bowls
Find food and water bowls that allow the puppy to eat and drink comfortably without dirtying his ears and nose. Keep also a fresh supply of food available for your puppy – consult the breeder for what works for your pup.

  1. Get your puppy toys
Your puppy will probably be teething so invest in some puppy toys since it will find ways to chew. When you create his crate, do not use any new blankets because the puppy may chew and bite the new blanket. Instead, it will be a good idea to give your puppy his toys to chew, as it will prevent the pup from exploring other areas in the house to chew off. The least you need is the puppy exploring parts of your home to sink its teeth into! So, buy some toys that are non-toxic and large enough so the puppy will not break it or eat it accidentally.
A Bulldog Watches Attentively in this adorable sculpture for the garden
  1. Buy a collar and leash
Purchase a collar preferably one with a quick release feature and a leash for your puppy even though you will not be able to take the puppy for walks until it has completed all its vaccinations. The collar should be soft and fit nicely around your puppy’s neck. It should not be too loose because it could catch on something and hurt the puppy as it tries to yank itself free.

  1. Groom Your Puppy
Consult your breeder on what brushes may work with your puppy and groom your pup on a regular basis with a brush.

  1. Get a Veterinarian
Every dog owner needs a vet to go to. Make sure you keep the name and address of your vet handy. There are also local hospitals and clinics for animals which should be located in your county or living area.

One of our greyhound statues which was featured by Domino Magazine

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